Spray tanning is an alternate way to tan rather than be exposed to UVA/UVB. It is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin or those who do not tan easily. By only using the best organic tanning products, you will find it will be fast drying and streak free.


* It is really important that you exfoliate a few hours before your spray tan. This will help make your tan last longer.

I also have a range of organic products in stock to help pro-long your tan.




Cashmere Eyelash extensions are light weight and come in a variety of thickness, length and curl. They are expertly bonded to your own natural lashes to help create the desired look you are after. Extensions are perfect for those who are tired of using mascara.


Properly maintained eyelash extensions will last 6 weeks+. However regular 2 week infill treatments are necessary as your extensions will gradually reduce due to the natural shedding and replenishing cycle of your lashes.




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